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Kingsland Real Estate

Welcome to the “City of Royal Treatment!”

Kingsland, GA, located just west of St. Marys, was established in 1894 with the expansion of our railroad system.

Kingsland is home to most of Camden County’s restaurants, hotels, and larger businesses, and rumor has it that it is the most popular stopping point on I-95 before Disney World! There are plenty of hidden gems to be found around Kingsland that gives the city its charm. Take a stroll around Kingsland Veteran Memorial park located just outside the Commercial Historic District sprinkled with adorable shops.

Fun fact: Neutral Zone Studios, a not-for-profit facility with world class Star Trek film sets is located here! Not to mention, we have been labeled as Oprah Winfrey’s “LoveTown USA”. We’re just a little famous around here.

Live long and prosper here in Kingsland!